jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009


The final resting place for survivors, a place for those species and homeless in this shelter away from humans and other magical beings, animals are free to comply with the life cycle: birth, grow, reproduce and die, this incredible island is called "Celestia," a paradise unimaginable created over a thousand years ago, guarded by a small and sweet to be named "Gabriel" who despite a little earlier than celestia looks like a child of 5 years, the may seem weak but it has been endowed with great powers, from the creators of this wonderful place, Gabriel used his powers to care for and rescue the endangered animals, his sense of justice and respect for life is the most quality.
One more day has begun, the sunlight touching the skin of Gabriel, he was sleeping in a hammock placed between two trees, her dress was made up of several types of leaves, almost all green, except for a large supplementing its one-sleeved shirt, the singing of the birds was beautiful, everything was very calm, he woke up very early and every day. - Mmm, already dawned, that beautiful day. - Gabriel got up from his bed, I see the sky, clouds and everything around it very carefully, lost in thought as he did every morning. - It's time to go for breakfast, a few blocks I would fall like a dream to start the day. - A white glow covered her body and left flying in search of some apples, his favorite fruit, the ability to fly is one of his many skills. - Good morning, how are you? - While flying Gabriel step next to a flock of pigeons traveler "(I had the back of his head and dark blue, russet chest and abdomen with white. The colors of the females were more muted rescued in 1914), he greeted kindly to birds, as usual, talk to the animals was one of his major gifts.
- Very good morning Gabriel. - Racing pigeons in group then greeted without further dialogue gabriel followed his destiny to a large area of apple trees, the day was beautiful and everywhere could appreciate many species of animals that have disappeared for the world, this shows the immense power that has life ..
- These are perfect. - Gabriel flew quickly between the apple trees, leaving them in his arms had several blocks near there was a large flock of "Bucardos" (A subspecies of mountain goat refugee in 2000 by over-hunting by man of him), most of them were asleep with the exception of a few pups

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